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Silverhost undertakes the setup and configuration of game servers rented from us or from other providers.

Each such request is individually evaluated due to the diversity of available game servers.

Ordering process: Through the Silverhost website, open a "Support Ticket" in your registered customer account. Registration - Silverhost

We work with two pricing options:

  • General: for game servers rented from other providers - 5,000 HUF per working hour (gross)
  • Rental: for game servers rented from Silverhost - 2,500 HUF per working hour (gross)

What we offer:

  • Game servers: GTA 5 (M):(ESX, REDM, Etc.), RageMP, CS1.6, CS:GO (Counter Strike 2), Minecraft, ARK;
  • Voice servers: Discord, Team Speak 3;
  • Database connection;
  • Configuration required for game launch and usage;
  • Integration and installation of mods, add-ons (using mods provided by the client, searching for and integrating mods necessary to achieve client-requested functionalities, we DO NOT undertake MOD OR ADD-ON FIXES, CREATION, OR PROGRAMMING);
  • Training for server-side usage and management of the game.

Following the completion of the work, we provide 3 months of FREE support.

Liability, warranty: With regard to the work performed, we do not provide ANY form of guarantee or responsibility for third-party software, whether financial or otherwise.

Data handling, data security: Silverhost handles the access data provided to us and any potentially accessible personal or other data in compliance with the relevant data management and data protection rules of Hungary and the European Union. The data is permanently destroyed (task-related data handling) after the completion of the work.

Refunds: Partial or full refunds are possible based on individual assessment, which will be credited to your balance in your Silverhost customer account. The credited amount can be used for ordering any of our services.