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SilverHost Game server, Web host, TeaSpeak server provider

TeaSpeak (TS3 alternative)
SilverHost is the world's first official partner.

Simple clean webadmin
SilverHost uses the Pterodactyl system.

Credit system
Payment options: Credit, PayPal, SMS, Instant payment option

DDOS protection
Server-side or server-side firewalls configured by SilverHost.

100% SSD
All our servers use SSDs.

Configuration assistance
All servers rented from us have configuration assistance.

Our services

  • Game Servers

  • From 481 HUF/month

  • DDOS protection

  • Payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, SMS, Credit

  • Superior customer service, configuration assistance

  • English user interface

  • More
  • TeaSpeak server

  • From 476 HUF/month

  • DDOS protection

  • Hungarian translation by SilverHost in TeaClient!

  • Easy to use via yaTQA

  • Payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, SMS, Credit

  • More
  • Web Hosting

  • From 152 HUF /month

  • DDOS protection

  • Payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, SMS, Credit

  • DNS domains: unlimited

  • Disk space already: from 1 000 MB to 40 000 MB

  • More

  • FREE FOR CLIENTSonly for Silverhost clients

  • Precise, fast work

  • For our renter customers is: FREE

  • Guidance, help is FREE, and free help to register multiple TLDs

  • We help with all the settings, our goal is to make your domain name work

  • Find us on DC

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Game Server

TeaSpeak server

Web Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

The following articles provide answers to frequently asked questions. Just click on the title of the article and you can watch it!

  • About TeaSpeak
    The TeaSpeak server and TeaClient are a VoIP software family that are LEGAL software, their source code is PARTLY public. TeaSpeak is a project with…
  • Make a save
    Create a backup 1) Click on the "Save" menu from the top menu, then on the "Save" tab and you are ready to save (only…
  • Cron jobs
    Create cron tasks 1) Click on the "Cron / Schedule" menu from the top menu, then click on the "New Scheduled Task" tab. 2) Then…
  • Database
    Manage databases and create a database and create users for the database 1) Click on the database menu from the top menu and then click…
  • Email
    Manage mail and add an email account 1) Click the Mail tab from the top menu, then click the "Add Account" tab (the "Open Webmail"…
  • Manage records
    Records can be managed as follows 1) Click on the DNS tab and then find the "LIST RECORD" menu above that domain. In this case,…
  • Add domain
    Here's how to add a domain name to your account. 1) Step click on the storage tab and there the plus sign (see picture) 2)…
  • Faq
    Silverhost offers TeaSpeak, Game Server and Hosting at very affordable prices.. TeaSpeak ??? No Tea*Speak? That's right! The service we offer is an alternative to…
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